How Fuel Injection Works

By Jeff T. aka JETHROIROC ( Reprinted by permission of Italicized characters have been added by AFI to elaborate or further describe what the author has published.   I. Introduction:   1. Fundamental needs of a four-stroke IC engine – Fuel and air in the correct proportions accompanied by a reliable and properly timed spark. […]

Stock vs. Performance

Step One. Identifying your engine. There are a few key pieces of information that we need before we can start building your system. 1. Camshaft – If the camshaft in your engine has been replaced at any point, you will need to provide the specs for it. Specifically, what we need is the intake and […]

Sales Tax and Shipping

Domestic Shipping: UPS Ground is our prefferred shipping method. Most systems ship within 1 week, in some cases it may require 2-5 weeks due to back ordered components. UPS 2-Day Air is available for Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. International Shipping: Please call us for rates at 248-393-1621. We recommend USPS Priority Mail for all international shipments. By purchasing […]

Terms and Conditions

CONDITIONS OF SALE. All orders for equipment, services and/or goods manufactured or supplied by AFFORDABLE FUEL INJECTION, INC. (the “Seller”) to any purchaser (the “Purchaser”) shall be subject to these General Terms and Conditions and Sale (the “Terms and Conditions”).   UPON THE ACCEPTANCE BY SELLER OF ANY PURCHASE ORDER, OR UPON THE PURCHASER’S RECEIPT […]