CHEVROLET Complete TBI System

Starting From $695.00 - $895.00

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Pictured is a TBI complete system for a 2bbl Chevy V8. Some of the components shown above may look different from what will be included with your kit. The complete TBI system comes with all components needed for a closed loop system except for air cleaner, throttle cable/linkage, and fuel lines. THESE SYSTEMS ARE INTENDED FOR STOCK OR SLIGHTLY MODIFIED ENGINES ONLY. PLEASE CALL FOR MODIFIED ENGINE APPLICATIONS.


Here is what your kit will include.

-Rebuilt TBI unit with Flow Matched Injectors
-ECM with AFI’s specially calibrated chip
-The option to include a complete fully electronic ECM-controlled distributor
-Complete wiring harness
-Adapter plate, gaskets, hardware
-External Electric fuel pump with filter
-Fuel pump relay
-Power relay
-Coolant sensor
-MAP sensor
-O2 sensor
-Check engine indicator
-Installation instructions
-Tech support
-Many miles of low maintenance fuel injection operation
If you are required by your state to pass an emissions test, please contact us before ordering.
Estimated lead time is 1-3 weeks.