Off Road Fuel Injection

scout-II-mpfiOff Road Fuel Injection for rock crawling, hill climbing, mud bogging, sand dunes or just plain ole trail riding; fuel injection is becoming the fuel system of choice for many off road vehicles. No more flooding out that carburetor in the middle of the hill or off camber situations. No more revving the engine with butts of black smoke. Fuel Injection runs as good upside down as it does upright.

scout-IIIf you love the excitement that off-road driving provides we would like to make that adventure even more fun with a custom fuel injection system for your rig. Jeep, Chevy Blazer or Truck, Toyota Land Cruiser , International Harvester Scout , Ford Bronco , Pick-up or SUV, replace the carburetor and eliminate that “flooding” feeling while climbing hills and traversing rocks.

In some cases there are special fuel system needs required for EXTREME off-road use. Take a look at our FAQ and send us an email for more information.