Multi Port Fuel Injection (MPFI) is the most efficient type of fuel injection system. All vehicles built today incorporate this type of fuel injection for emissions compliance, economy, driveability and reliability. MPFI systems are capable of powering high horsepower high rev. applications as well as your standard daily driver. An MPFI unit incorporates a fuel injector at each cylinder directly above the intake valve. The intake manifold is then a regulator of air allowed into the engine with the fuel control facilitated by the ECM.

This type of fuel injection unit allows for very flexible intake manifold designs compared to the TBI systems. Another key advantage of the MPFI system is engine efficiency. By incorporating an injector above each intake valve air/fuel distribution from one cylinder to the next is very consistent. With this consistency comes better performance, driveability and fuel economy.

MPFI units require the replacement of the intake manifold. AFI has worked diligently to design a system that is as simple as possible to install. A three wire connection (Ignition, battery and ground) plus EFI items, replacement of the intake manifold, initial setup and these systems are ready to go.

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