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           Our goal is to provide retrofit fuel injection systems for aftermarket applications which are affordable, unique, and consistent with the customer's individual needs.

Affordable Fuel Injection was founded in 1997 by two brothers with one goal in mind: offer fuel injection systems that allow superior performance to traditional carburetor systems for a variety of applications and make it affordable. The foundation of Affordable Fuel Injection is expertise. This expertise comes from over 55 years of combined experience in both OEM and aftermarket automotive design and development. The eldest of the brothers is retired from a major automotive manufacturer where he has developed fuel injection systems from the simplest to some of today's most advanced controls. The youngest has been an automotive business owner and built several award winning show cars. AFI's expertise is unmatched in the automotive aftermarket and you can trust us to provide everything necessary to add fuel injection to your project.

Affordable Fuel Injection is currently developing many exciting new products that are unprecedented in the automotive aftermarket. Some of the upcoming product launches include a fully C.A.R.B. legal conversion for most pre 1987 carbureted vehicles. We are also developing a proprietary engine controller as well as a unique new throttle body that will be able to replace current "core and used" throttle body injection units. Whether you are considering fuel injection for industrial use, street rod, off road, marine or any other application, AFI has a solution for you.


About Us